A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best Drums

 Maybe you’re one of the many people who have fantasies of playing the drums. Don’t let your musical inclination remain a dream. Invest in the best drums today and start learning how to play it. There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for the best drums.

First, ask yourself if a noisy music instrument is something that you will enjoy using. Drums produce loud and upbeat sounds. You have to consider your personality and what keeps you interested. Drums are ideal for people who enjoy listening to music that can make them dance.

Second, ask yourself if you have the appropriate environment for this type of musical instrument. Drums can be really noisy. If your neighbors are not in favor, you might want to reconsider your choice of musical instrument.

Third, an entire drum set will require you to prepare a big space. You can’t just move the drum set from one place to another so you have to pick an area where it will stay. Preferably, you have a dedicated music room for your drums and other music tools.

Fourth, drums are not cheap especially if you’re looking for high-quality ones. These are a good investment though. Drums produce happy tones and you can use this to create memories with your family or to bond with your friends. If you have a child, drums can ignite a child’s creativity and passion for music. Ideal drum kits for starters If you’ve just started learning how to play drums, investing in a basic set is a great idea.

Here are some pointers when shopping for the best drum sets: Shell Pack versus Complete Set When we say shell packs, these are the most basic set of drums. It does not include the hardware and cymbals. You are basically just buying the drums. Complete sets, on the other hand, include the cymbals, hardware and other pieces of accessories. A complete set is recommendable for advanced music players as well as professional musicians. 

Consider the number of pieces 

As a newbie drummer, a 4-piece set of drums will do. You can add more cymbals and accessories as you hone your music skills. A monster drum set is composed of 30-piece kits. It would be useless to invest right away in a large number of pieces if you don’t know yet how to use them. It’s better to gradually learn the drumming techniques and as you practice, continue investing in kits and accessories. 

Decide on your base drum 

Depending on the type of music that you want to play, you can invest also in a second base drum. Consider this option only if you are interested in learning metal music. Base drums produce loud sounds and are ideal for music bands. Take note also that base drums are not suitable for beginners unless your skill is already advanced.  

Decide on the size of your shell 

Professional drum players consider a lot of factors when choosing the right dimensions for their shells. However, you only have to worry about two elements as a beginner. Small shells are ideal for drummers that make the jazz or light music. Large shells are the ones you need if you’re going to study upbeat music such as rock and roll. 

How much should a beginner drum set cost? 

Because there are thousands of options in the market, it’s really difficult to know which ones have the best quality. Price can be a great litmus test on whether the drum kit is worth your money or not. A high-quality drum set for beginners is priced at $1000 and above. Any drum set that is offered below $700 will feel like a toy. It’s probably made of cheap materials. Price is crucial. You could be buying a very cheap set of drums but you want the drums to produce great music. You don’t want drums that sound and feel like a toy. The best drums will bring you high satisfaction instead of disappointment. 

When should you upgrade your best drum set? 

A basic drum set is generally sufficient for music lovers but is not really pro musicians. As you hone your drumming skills, you might feel the need to upgrade your drum kit. When shopping for base drums and cymbals, it’s important to ask the seller about the materials used for the instruments. These drums are generally made from plywood. However, you will find ones that are coated with stains, lacquer, and wrapping.  


The drums are the ones that you can efficiently play as a beginner. There’s no sense in investing in a drum kit if you don’t understand how it works.