About Us

If you are looking for the latest high-quality musical instruments then search no further than D20 Brass Band. We have a wide collection of guitars, drums and keyboards from your favorite brands offered at very affordable rates.

As one of the most trusted online guitar stores, we provide you with a full assortment of both modern and classical guitars. At our store, you’ll find Fender guitars such as the Fender Standard Stratocaster, as well as a wide variety of Teles such as the top-selling Fender Deluxe Telecaster guitars. We are the best blog for the finest quality guitars, bases and amps that you can find anywhere in the globe.

Additionally, we offer full drum sets to help you blend the thump of your bass drum with the snare snap and thundering sound of the toms. Whether you’re searching for your first drum kit or upgrading to a higher drum level we’ve got you covered. At D20 Brass Band, you will also find electronic drum sets that are a must-have accessory to any drum musician’s setup. Our digital drums are driven by rich sound modules with 100s of flexible sounds, meaning you can set the drum kit to sound like anything you want from experimental electronic collections to classical acoustic drums. Moreover, our kick drum pads are capable of low frequencies and truly define the classical drum-set signature sound.

Likewise, our keyboard collection offers ambitious musicians the best start to their journey. Players can take advantage of the wide variety of portable music keyboards we have for sale, offering an extensive library of acoustics, rhythms and device connectivity. We also have lighted keyboards that are popular among youngsters who want to have an early start in the world of music.

To summarize, D20 Brass Band is a one-stop shop for all your favorite musical instruments. We have drums, guitars and keyboards to suit all types of musicians whether you are a beginner or experienced player.